Our Board

  • Sue Leitch

    Sue Leitch

    Chair from AGM 2016

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  • Liz Swain

    Liz Swain

    Deputy Chair from 4 December 2015

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  • Kellie Dean

    Kellie Dean

    Company Secretary

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  • Michael Irwin

    Michael Irwin

    Treasurer from 12 July 2017

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  • Phil Dewis

    Phil Dewis


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  • Robert Hood

    Robert Hood


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  • Saskia Hobbs

    Saskia Hobbs


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  • Hayden Moore

    Hayden Moore


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Our senior leadership team

  • Paul Byrne

    Paul Byrne


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  • Janette Martin

    Janette Martin

    Deputy CEO

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  • Rachel Jansen

    Rachel Jansen

    Manager - Human Resources

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  • Kathy Tauber

    Kathy Tauber

    Manager – Quality and Compliance

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  • Ian Hopkins

    Ian Hopkins

    Manager - IT and WHS

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  • Nicole Cumin

    Nicole Cumine

    Operations Manager

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  • Natalie Rose

    Natalie Rose

    Manager – Advocacy and Engagement

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  • Jennifer McKenzie

    Jennifer McKenzie

    Manager – Marketing and Communications

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