Apply for a Li-Ve Fuller grant

You can apply for a Li-Ve Fuller grant if you work in the disability field in Tasmania and you want to learn something, new, achieve a personal goal or master an existing skill. You just need to show how this will benefit people with disability, both up front and in the longer term.

Before you start, check that your proposal meets the theme for this quarter.

Li-Ve Fuller grant application

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SECTION 1: Your contact details

SECTION 2: Your work

SECTION 3: Your employer's support

We will contact your employer for a brief statement to support your funding application (for example, you can ask your supervisor, manager or coordinator to complete this). They will be asked:
  • why the organisation supports your funding application
  • how the organisation will support you to undertake your project
  • how the organisation will support you to use your funding outcomes to benefit people living with disability.
Please provide contact details for the person we should contact:

SECTION 4: Your proposal

Example: I want to learn Tai Chi. I understand Tai Chi can be adapted for seated exercise and that there is a DVD series to help guide sessions and maintain the skills.
Example: I’d like to run a weekly Tai Chi class for the people who attend the day activity centre where I work. Classes would be both seated and standing, so that as many people as possible could benefit.
Example: I have done yoga for some years and use some of what I know at work but many people aren’t able to get on the floor to do yoga. Tai Chi is a good alternative, particularly if I can learn and lead the seated program.
Example: The participants have varying levels of ability and many have chronic pain. Tai Chi will help them to improve their balance, flexibility, concentration, breathing, independent movement, confidence and wellbeing.
Example: There is a course starting at the Burnie Fitness Centre on 29 February. The course is in two parts – basic and advanced. Each course runs weekly for 10 weeks.
You can attach an extra page if you need to.


Cost (excluding GST)

20 Tai Chi classes

@ $30 each $600

Set of Tai Chi DVDs






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