Our community

Li-Ve Tasmania is far more than just a business. It’s a community – and you’re part of it. You can be as active in the Li-Ve Tasmania community as you like.

The people we support are at the heart of our community, along with their families and friends. Other community members include Li-Ve Tasmania staff, management and directors; community supporters like the Acorn Branch and the Rosny Park Bowls Club; and people in the wider world, from our suppliers to the media and our government representatives.

Sure, our organisation strives for a commercially sustainable business model – we need to stay viable so we can keep supporting our participants. However, we don’t get side-tracked by dollars, politics, attitudes, red tape or looking good. Plain and simple – our community places people at the very centre.

You can be involved a lot, a little – or not at all

Janet wants personal care each weekday – and that’s all.

Larry wants personal care each weekday, too but he also follows Li-Ve Tasmania on Facebook, talks to college kids at careers expos and enjoys Acorn Branch events, like the annual Christmas party. Larry’s family members love to host fundraisers for Li-Ve Tasmania and they’re always keen to sign up for our focus groups and info sessions.

Both Janet and Larry are valuable members of the Li-Ve Tasmania community – and so are their friends and families.

To chat about the Li-Ve Tasmania community, contact us.

David Knight bowling
David Knight bowling

Happy to help!

What can we do for you? If you need a hand or more info, get in touch via:

phone on (03) 6227 5400, email hello@livetasmania.org or visit us on facebook