Disability Royal Commission

About the Disability Royal Commission

The Disability Royal Commission (DRC) is investigating violence against and abuse, neglect and exploitation of people living with disability. Anyone with disability, and their families, carers and supporters, can share their experiences with the Disability Royal Commission. The Royal Commission will use the information it collects to tell the government what should change.

The Royal Commission is an important opportunity for people with disability, and their families, carers and supporters to have their voices heard and their experiences acknowledged. It will also provide valuable lessons and insights for us to improve our services and support.

Speaking up

As well as learning from the DRC, Li-Ve Tasmania is making submissions about issues that are important for the people we support.

In March, we submitted a paper on health care for people with cognitive disability. We said:

  • health staff need better communication skills and more resources
  • sometimes symptoms of illness are mistakenly chalked up to existing disability
  • support staff who know people with disability well need to have a role in communication, treatment and recovery
  • we need better ways to keep up existing support arrangements during hospital stays
  • we need ways to fund health supports that are outside existing NDIS plans.

Read the full Li-Ve Tas submission on health care for people with cognitive disability

For more information visit the Disability Royal Commission website.

Share your experiences

Coming forward to share your experiences with the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) is a big step. To make it as easy as possible, these free services are available to support you:

• Blue Knot Foundation Specialist counselling and referral service for people with disability, their families and carers, and anyone affected by the DRC. Call the national hotline on 1800 421 468

• Your Story Disability Legal Support Legal advice to help you interact with the Disability Royal Commission. This service is confidential and independent from the Royal Commission. (You may want legal support if you want to use the name of an organisation or person in your story, or you are worried that you or someone else will be unsafe, lose access to services or employment, or you’re concerned that your rights will be affected). Call them on 1800 771 800 Other services in Tasmania that can support people in relation to the DRC are:

• Relationships Australia Tasmania 1300 364 277, www.tas.relationships.org.au

• Advocacy Tasmania 1800 005 131, www.advocacytasmania.org.au

• Speak Out Association of Tasmania 6231 2344, www.speakoutadvocacy.org