In 2015, Liviende merged with southern-based organisation, Veranto, to form Liviende Veranto. In the 2016–17 financial year, the organisation rebranded as Li-Ve Tasmania.


Li-Ve Tasmania started as the Retarded Children’s Welfare Association (RCWA). During the 1950’s and 60s, the RCWA teed up employment and accommodation for young people living with intellectual disability.

Yalambee Hostel opened to provide accommodation for out of town children receiving special education in Hobart.

RCWA bought land at Warrane, where it founded Oakdale Lodge to provide accommodation for people working at the nearby sheltered workshop.

NRSG was incorporated as the first community managed, community integration project (CIP) in Tasmania.

RCWA wound up and separate, independently managed not for profit organisations were created. Oakdale Lodge Yalambee was set up to manage Yalambee and the Lodge. This later became Oakdale Services Tasmania.

NRSG restructured to align with contemporary business practices. The committee moved away from day to day tasks and adopted a governance operational model, focused on organisational viability, and strategic planning and direction.

Oakdale Services Tasmania became Veranto- the change in identity reflecting a modern organisation, focussed on people.

NRSG became Liviende Incorporated to be more contemporary and reflect the idea of 'living life'.

Veranto moved its head office to Lampton Avenue. Veranto also merged with Liviende to form Liviende Veranto.

Liviende Veranto opened its new service The Zone. The organisation rebranded as Li-Ve Tasmania.

Li-Ve Tasmania’s End-of-Life project was widely recognised. Li-Ve Tasmania merged with Tasmanian Acquired Brain Injury Services Inc. (TABIS). Li-Ve Tasmania and TABIS moved their Launceston offices to High Street.

Our name

Our name tells the story of where we’ve come from and what we do.

Veranto is derived from the Dutch word verantwoordelijkheid. When translated to English, broadly means something like responsibility, duty, obligation, accountability and liability. We have distilled this and take it to mean responsibility.

Liviende is an ancient word that was used commonly before 900AD. It has variously meant, ‘having life’, ‘being alive’ and ‘flowing freely’ (in the way that water does). Over time, it has come to mean ‘living life to the fullest’ – and we use it in that context.

So, Liviende Veranto is all about taking responsibility for supporting people in living their lives to the fullest.

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