Unfortunately, the Holiday Zone program will not operate during the October school holidays.

We know that the Holiday Zone is an important and valuable program for the Li-Ve Tasmania community. So, we have not taken this decision lightly.

The disruption to our school holiday support due to COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to reflect on the program’s structure and delivery, and identify areas for improvement and enhancement. Before running the Holiday Zone again, we have decided to revise it, in consultation with participants, their families, staff and partners. This will allow us to deliver a stronger program that better meets the needs of the Li‑Ve Tasmania community.

If you would like us to contact you for your input into the new program, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you need support during the upcoming school holidays email us or call (03) 6227 5400 to discuss your needs.

Send us your details to get info about future Holiday Zone programs for children with disability and siblings. You can also follow our @LiveTassie Facebook page.

The Holiday Zone offers a range of highly interactive, fun, inclusion-focused activities for children living with disability. Activities can be adapted to suit your child's abilities and support needs.

Plus, the program provides activities and peer support for the siblings of children living with disability.

Li-Ve Tasmania acknowledges our valued partners from Southern Support School and Special Olympics Tasmania plus all of the featured community groups that tutor/facilitate specialist programs. The Holiday Zone program was established with the support of the Tascare Society for Children Partnerships Program.

Li-Ve Tasmania Holiday Zone - Stronger Together

Creating an inclusive culture for young people living with disability, their families and local community.

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