We are running ‘The Holiday Zone’ program again. The Holiday Zone is a school holiday program for siblings and children with a disability aged 6-17. The Holiday Zone offers interactive, fun, inclusion-focused activities for children living with disability. Plus, the program provides activities and peer support for the siblings of children living with disability.

The Holiday Zone programs for children with disability and their siblings are funded by the Tascare Partnerships Program.

Li-Ve Tasmania also wants to acknowledge our highly valued partners from Southern Support School, Young Leaders of Tasmania and Special Olympics plus all of the featured community groups that tutor/facilitate specialist programs.

Holiday Zone

Program for children living with disabilitySiblings program
For children living with disabilityFor siblings of children living with disability
Full day/Part dayPart day
8 to 17 July (Hobart)8 to 17 July (Hobart)
9 July (Launceston)9 July (Launceston)
Week 1: $10 each day + your child's NDIS or self-funded packageFREE Activity
Week 2: FREE Activity + choose your child's support plan
A jam-packed program of sport, cooking, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities – bringing together children living with disability, school-aged mentors and specialist coaches.Activities for siblings of children living with disability.

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Only list support needs that are relevant to the program activities (for example, there is no need to list nighttime routines). If support needs are covered by a plan you will be sharing with Li-Ve Tasmania, simply note that there is a plan in place.





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