Shared housing – We manage 16 group homes statewide

Comfortable and convenient, a group home is an affordable way to enjoy the independence you want with the company of housemates and the support you need.

Our homes cater for people of any age with a range of disabilities and support needs.

Support can vary from a few hours a day, to 24-hour support. Once you know where to look, you’ll find our houses and units in suburban streets.

Each one looks just the same as the other homes in the neighbourhood.

But, for your comfort and support, we make sure our homes meet residents’ accessibility requirements, and we can help you fit them with the assistive technologies and equipment you need.

Close to transport, shops and community facilities, you can enjoy an active life in your community.


Independent living units

For those who prefer their own space, an independent living unit in an ordinary suburban community can be a great choice

We can accommodate you, whatever your age and ability. We can provide support for just a few hours each day or round the clock, depending on your needs.

Each home is accessible and includes assistive technologies and equipment to make your life easier and more comfortable.


So you can fully participate in your community, our units can be found close to transport, shops and other facilities.

Kate and Katherine
Kate and Katherine

Oakdale Lodge – large residential

Oakdale Lodge is home to 38 people. Along with the main building, The Lodge complex incorporates three independent living units (ILUs), home to six of the residents.

The Lodge is a very real home for its occupants and there’s a strong sense of family there. Leisure activities, day trips and holidays all provide residents with a fun, active and varied lifestyle.

The Lodge history

Oakdale Lodge was built in 1970 on a parcel of land the Hobart Branch of the Retarded Children’s Welfare Association acquired.

Its original purpose was to provide local accommodation for people employed at the Oakdale Workshop (established on the same site). Today, some of the original residents still call Oakdale Lodge home.

Some historical highlights include:

  • 1978 and 1980 – we undertook building extensions for extra accommodation
  • 1994 – we added the Gigney Room for leisure activities
  • 1997 – we built the Geeves Wing
  • 1998 – we refurbished the men’s wing and renamed it the Dunkley Wing
  • 1999 to 2002 – we built the ILUs
  • 2005 – we redeveloped the ladies’ wing and renamed it the Pecats Wing; and we added the Acorn High Care Unit, which incorporated the Ruth Barnard Memorial Garden.

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