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Whether it’s the End-of-life community of practice or the Acorn Branch, you can put your hand up to participate in the LiVe Tasmania community via our groups.

Acorn Branch

The Acorn Branch is a powerful force for friendship and fundraising for people living with disability. It has 15 members, all of them 50+, many in their 70s and one who’s been involved since the second or third meeting.

This group makes life more comfortable for the people Li-Ve Tasmania supports. The Acorn Branch has donated items most of us take for granted, for example curtains, cupboards, a coat of paint and a garden setting. It has provided a defibrillator, a sensory garden, and items for the Lodge cats. It also contributed funds towards establishing the Zone.

Hanging out together
Hanging out together

The Acorn branch is at the heart of the Li-Ve Tasmania community. It’s the glue that holds participants, parents, staff, supporters and other stakeholders together; and draws in support from politicians and businesses. You can see it when you watch the participants invite staff to dance to YMCA at the Christmas party; when it’s the Li-Ve Tasmania CEO cooking the snags at a barbeque fundraiser; and when you ask the Acorn Branch members what it is that makes them special – and they blush and humbly deflect your question.


The Acorn Branch really began with the parents of people living with disability, in about 1971, and the group was formalised in the 80s.

In the early days, many people using Oakdale Lodge had no family, and their birthdays might have passed unacknowledged. However, the Acorn Branch members baked cakes, making sure each resident enjoyed a small celebration on their special day.

Birthday cakes led to barbeques, bus and ferry excursions, bingo – and a spectacular annual Christmas party.

Friendship led to fundraising via morning teas, pantomimes and even a craft fair.

Through its fundraising efforts, the Acorn Branch has now raised more than $150,000 to benefit the people Li-Ve Tasmania supports. The friendship it provides is priceless.

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