Who can apply

You can apply for a Li-Ve Fuller grant of up to $2,000 if you:

  • work for ANY disability organisation in Tasmania
  • want to learn something to share with the people you support
  • OR already have a skill you'd love to teach.

What you can learn

Anything! As long as it fits into the theme.

How it works

If you’re working in any role in the disability sector in Tasmania, this program aims to help you improve your skillset, follow your passions and achieve your goals. The more you learn, grow and develop, the more you have to share with the people we support.

Research shows that people living with disability have more opportunities and better life experiences if support staff share their interests and skills, and are willing to try new activities, explore their community and seek adventure. So, when you share with them, they can become the best possible versions of themselves, by living their lives more fully.

Each round, we’ll set a theme. You can choose to learn anything related to that theme.


Imagine the theme is ‘the outdoors’. If you’ve always wished you could get better at fishing and the people you support are keen to try fishing as well, we might fund some related lessons and gear. You’d then be able to take the people you support fishing.

Applications are currently closed.

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