TABIS - helping connect happy, healthy young people

TABIS held a ‘taster’ day last Saturday (14 April) at the YMCA in Kings Meadows. Over a hundred people participated, connecting with the YMCA and having a fabulous time enjoying the first class facilities, and trying out new activities like pickle ball, yoga and rock climbing.

Posted April 16, 2018
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Many people who came along on Saturday now plan to attend the YMCA regularly to work towards healthy, better-connected lives.

TABIS is listening to the people we support. Many have told us they have trouble accessing mainstream recreation and leisure programs in our community. The barriers for success vary – for some, the barrier is low self-confidence to approach new places while others have tried new activities but haven’t felt included or well-supported.  

So, TABIS has developed a program (with support from Launceston City Council) to create opportunities for more positive, successful experiences. Saturday’s taster was the first step and we’re calling it a huge success!

If you are interested in connecting to your local community, visit the YMCA and talk to their friendly staff to discuss the activities on offer.

You can also like the TABIS Facebook page to stay up to date with the TABIS FREE activity programs!

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