Back at the beach, 19 years on

After 19 years away from the ocean, on Saturday, Scott finally got back to the beach.

Posted January 08, 2020
This article may be out of date

When he was young, Scott was a keen surfer whose days were filled with sun, sand and waves.

Unfortunately, in December 2000, Scott acquired a brain injury and he could no longer enjoy his favourite pastime.

However, last weekend, Scott’s family enlisted Li-Ve Tasmania’s help to deliver a breakthrough.

Leveraging the flexible core support funding in his NDIS plan, Scott and his family set a goal to give him access to the beach.

An occupational therapist’s report confirmed Scott would need two-on-one support to make the dream a reality.

So, Li-Ve Tasmania lined up disability support workers, Jenn and Damian, and provided Scott with one of its two beach wheelchairs.

Scott’s sister Tracey says, ‘Judging from Scott’s smiles he enjoyed his day at the beach. When we asked him if he’d like to return he was enthusiastic.

‘For me, the day was bittersweet but was wonderful to see Scott enjoying a place he has always loved.

‘I’d like to say a big thank you to Li-Ve Tas staff members, Jenn and Damian who helped make Scott’s experience fantastic. It’s not an easy task to support someone who is non-ambulant to the beach and they did an amazing job.

‘I hope that over the summer months, we can make beach visits a regular activity for Scott.’