Keeping our people safe with Tasmania’s borders open

Posted October 23, 2020
This article may be out of date

Tasmanian borders open to interstate travellers from 26 October.

We share your concern about what a COVID-19 outbreak or another lockdown would mean for our participants and for others in our community.

Our Li-Ve Tasmania COVID recovery team (CRT) has continued to meet regularly to make sure our plans and procedures ready if COVID-19 starts to spread in the Tasmanian community.

  • We’re still checking temperatures and asking entry questions at all Li-Ve Tas sites.
  • We have extra cleaning and hand hygiene procedures.
  • We have personal protective equipment available if we need it.

Remember the basics

We’re much less likely to pick up or spread the virus if we:

  • always use good hand hygiene
  • keep up social distancing as much as possible
  • stay away from others and get tested if you’re sick.

Paid time off work

We’re making sure casual or part-time staff members know they can apply for a government grant if they can’t work because they’re being tested for COVID or quarantining.

What else?

We have also asked our staff to:

  • tell us about any interstate travel plans or quarantining household members
  • provide a letter from their doctor if they suffer from hayfever, saying they can come to work.

We will tell you about any changes on this page and with extra communication via email, SMS or phone, if necessary.

Your feedback

If you have questions or concerns, contact the COVID-19 response team at or your Service Manager.