Kicking goals in leaps and bounds

Travis Hooper is kicking serious goals.

Posted January 21, 2021

Travis Hooper has reached some big goals since he started receiving support from Li-Ve Tas in August 2020.

Goal #1

With the help of his support workers (Ella Pasanen and Jacob French) Travis has studied for his L driver licence and passed!

Travis by Ella Pasanen crop

Goal #2

An avid cook, Travis has researched how to prepare his favourite dishes. With his support workers, he has sourced ingredients, and found a community space to practice his recipes. After he has whipped up a new creation, he takes the results home for his family to enjoy.

Travis says: 'Since August, I have felt more confident in myself and I feel like I’ve got a clear plan for my future.'

And what’s next?

'I have many more goals for myself this year. I am looking forward to my driving lessons and doing a motorcycle mechanic course so I can join the workforce. I would love to move out of home into my own place after I get my P plates,” says Travis.

Travis with his curried crab quiches
Travis with his curried crab quiches