Sew Together success

Building skills and confidence with Frangipani Fabrics

Posted July 19, 2021

FREE sewing classes have been building new skills and sharpening existing ones for people we support. The sessions have been available thanks to Frangipani Fabrics and their generous community of 'Sew Together' donors.

Many participants tackled more difficult projects, this time, learning new skills including sewing curves. For some participants, touching the buttons to make the sewing machine start, and being more involved in pinning, were new skills for this session. It was a steep learning curve for some Li-Ve Tas disability support staff who were new to sewing, but worked with the sewing tutors from Frangipani Fabrics to enable participants to take on new sewing challenges.

Colin Kean showed his enthusiasm by bringing the cushion he sewed at the last workshop to sit on while he sewed his tote bag.

Peter John Butler's precision sewing impressed the Frangipani Fabrics staff and turned out a perfect diary cover, and Jan Lincoln was delighted to be given a cushion and a scrunchie sewed by Ross Allen to go with her own cushion.

Daniel Pearson worked with Kylie Brewer and was thrilled with the tote bag he made for his communication device.

Anne Glover gave an amazing speech at the end of the workshop to thank the Franigipani Fabrics team and ask, 'Please can I come again?'