Check out disability policies from the major parties before you vote this Saturday!

Posted May 19, 2022

There is a lot of noise during an election. It can be hard to know what each political party is actually offering to support people with disability.

Teamwork works, the campaign for a strong and properly funded NDIS, have created this handy scorecard that shows where the major parties sit on key NDIS commitments.

2022 Election Scorecard

You can use this tool to help you decide how to use your vote to support a strong NDIS and to make sure people living with disability can live their best lives.

At Li-Ve Tasmania we’re proud to support the campaign for a strong, properly funded NDIS – Teamwork works organised by National Disability Services and Every Australian Counts. Over the past few months, we’ve:

We also spoke to some of our participants about what the NDIS means to them.

Watch the full video to hear what they said.