TV news report - breaking ground at Newnham Lanes

Posted June 26, 2022


Mitch Clark with his mum, Jayne, and support worker, Tahli

On Friday 24 June, Mitch Clark broke the first ground at Newnham Lanes, officially starting the build of eight specialist disability accommodation units in Launceston.

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The units will be purpose-built by Unify SDA Housing to provide long-term homes for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. The SDA units will have accessible features and the latest technology to help residents live more independently and to allow supports to be delivered more safely.

Mitch Clark, is a potential future Newnham Lanes resident. He is 21 years old and currently lives with his mum and step-dad. He loves power tools, helping build things and pull them apart, cooking and DVDs. Mitch has Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects growth and physical and intellectual development.

Mitch's mum, Jayne, hopes the NDIA will approve a funding package that allows Mitch to move to a unit at Newnham Lanes. The development would provide a home where Mitch can enjoy doing his own cooking and chores, like laundry, with the help of his dedicated support staff.

‘Mitch is so keen to be more independent and be involved in all the housework and shopping,' says Jayne.

‘Between my job and caring for Mitch, I rarely get any time to do my own thing. Mitch needs support 24/7 - with managing his emotions when things upset him and with his diet and weight which need to be closely monitored because of food cravings caused by his disorder. I’m looking forward to simple things, like being able to go out for dinner or for a walk with my husband.'

In this 7 Nightly News report,the Newnham Lanes story appears at 4:36