Combating COVID-19 together

Posted March 17, 2022

A COVID-19 outbreak at Oakdale Lodge in January was a challenging time for residents, their families and also for our staff.

‘We were well prepared for an outbreak,’ says Nicole Cumine, General Manager, Operations, ‘but we’ve learnt a lot from the Lodge outbreak, and from several small outbreaks at other Li-Ve Tas sites.

Thankfully, all staff and residents have recovered well. We’ve used our recent experiences to update our outbreak and emergency management plans for the future.’

We are grateful to staff, residents and families for their support and understanding during outbreaks.

Here’s what we learned when we asked staff and families of participants about our response:

What went well

  • Daily communication to staff and families.
  • Infection control and health protection actions to keep residents safe.
  • Resident care, safety, and support were paramount.
  • Staff felt listened to and supported.

What we learned

  • It was sometimes difficult for families to connect with their loved ones.
  • Staff want more training on using personal protective equipment.

What we’re doing

  • Installing new hardware at The Lodge to improve the Wi-Fi coverage and make video calls easier.
  • Developing more training for staff to help them feel even more confident.
  • Working on ways we can help staff get residents outside for more fresh air during lockdowns.

The commitment our frontline staff showed to supporting residents and each other has been inspiring to see. Staff were heartened by recognition from our Li-Ve Tas community. One Lodge staff member told us: ‘A resident’s family dropped off chocolates and snacks and I thought that was the best thing ever!’

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