Iso activities with David and Bec

Posted March 17, 2022

Wearing a mask isn’t possible for David Chandler even though he’s vulnerable to COVID-19. With COVID-19 in Tasmania, David has been avoiding crowds and enclosed spaces, like shopping centres. David and his team have found plenty of ways to keep busy and stay safe.

David still enjoys outdoorsy day-trips with his support team and friends. Support worker, Leanne Caunter
says, ‘David likes to go to parks and for drives through the countryside, like Richmond or Huonville. If the weather is bad or we have to isolate, we have lots of favourite at-home activities too.’

David and Leanne‘s top things to do at home are:

  • make a movie (David and Leanne use Pictello, a talking visual story builder, on David’s iPad)
  • listen to an audio book
  • take a virtual tour - David and Leanne’s favourite is ONE HOUR of Amazing Animal Moments from
    BBC Earth on YouTube
  • or, on those really hot days, have a water fight with your support team!

Rebecca ‘Bec’ Henderson took up diamond art during the first COVID-19 lockdown. ‘It’s helped me keep my sanity,’ she says. ‘I’ve made over 150 pieces in the past two years’.

Bec used to love going tenpin bowling and out for a coffee. ‘It’s just not possible now, I don’t feel safe doing things like that anymore,’ she explained.

The artwork started out as gifts for friends and family, and even her GP! ‘He’s a Geelong supporter, so I made him a cat. He was like a kid with a new toy,’ Bec laughs.

One of her support team suggested she start selling her artwork, and now Bec has a gallery wall at Oakdale Lodge and sells her work regularly. If you’re interested in buying a piece, stop in and see Bec and her team next time you’re in the area.