No place like home

Posted March 17, 2022

My support team makes me feel genuinely cared for...


After 13 months in hospital, unable to get out of bed, Michelle finally has hope for her future.

‘I felt like a number’, Michelle says, ‘it felt so hopeless and I put myself down all the time.’

Thankfully, Michelle was approved for NDIS funding and in January, she was able to move into a property managed by Li-Ve Tasmania. Her life is rapidly improving.

‘I feel my depression is going, I’m more confident, my self-esteem is improving, and most of all, I’m learning to love myself.’

Michelle’s NDIS plan includes specialised equipment to help her get mobile - her new chair means she is
no longer stuck in bed all the time. ‘I still can’t walk, but I can get outside to sit and also join my housemates in the common area to share food and play games like Uno and Go Fish, and watch TV. I really like spending time with them. I bought us all lunch the other day which was so fun to do!’

Michelle says the care and friendship from her support team have had a huge impact on her
outlook toward herself and her future.

‘My support team makes me feel genuinely cared for, I feel really loved and supported.’

Michelle’s team includes Li-Ve Tasmania staff and day support staff from other providers. Next, Michelle wants to get out for a ‘walk’ in a specialised wheelchair. She’s currently waiting for it to arrive, and can’t wait to explore her new neighbourhood with her support team.

We decide what we want to do...


Siblings Maree and David have more independence and control over their lives since they moved to their new home, a Li-Ve Tasmania house, in October last year. They have even expanded their pet bird collection.

Before they moved, Maree and David lived in an aged care residence for four years. Life was very structured and they had no control over many things, including what or when they ate. They also lived with people who were much older than them and who had very different needs.

‘Some people had dementia. There were a lot of rules too,’ says Maree.

Now, thanks to their NDIS funding, Maree and David live independently with help from their team of support workers.

‘We get to decide what we want to do, including what we want to eat. We can buy our own food and we can go out when we want as well,’ says Maree, as David nods in agreement.

David, who calls Maree ‘Sister,’ likes his new home too. ‘It’s much better here,’ he says, ‘I have more birds now and I go fishing once a week with my support worker, John. Sister got me a canary for Christmas!’ Birds have been a passion of David’s
for a long time.

Since moving into his new home, David’s bird family has grown from a couple of budgies to include finches and his Christmas canary – 10 in total!

Supported independent living in action

‘It’s been a privilege to see Michelle, Maree and David develop a real friendship since moving into their home in Launceston,’ says Terese Hanrahan, a Coordinator with Li-Ve Tas. ‘I’ve seen how each of them has grown in confidence and independence - they really do have choice and control over their day-to-day lives, which is the ultimate goal of supported independent living.’

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The NDIS gives people with disability, like Michelle, Maree and David, the right to build a support team around them, so they can live their best lives. But now the NDIS is cutting access and support levels. If the government cuts the NDIS, the team stops working.

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