Pets of Li-Ve Tasmania

Meet Dolly and some other special furry, and feathered, friends to our participants.

Posted October 07, 2021


Dolly lives with her housemates, Katie Butt and Jimmy Goodwin at Brooklyn. Dolly is between 18 and 20 years old. She spends much of her life sleeping. Her favourite spots are Katie’s bed or chair.


Team leader Rory Jones says, ‘From the start, Gizmo was gentle and sweet towards John Morgan and his housemate, Troy Pearn. She knew when they needed company and stepped up as a support dog.’

‘She used to sneak into John’s bed at night and help staff wake him in the morning and then go on to Troy’s room and help him get up, after a few dog hugs,’ says Rory.

Today, Gizmo lives with Troy and his housemates. Her days racing around, chasing possums are long behind her, but 14-year-old Gizmo still loves her daily walks and has her own chair for naps.

Sadly, John died in 2019. He is dearly missed by the Li-Ve Tas community.

John and Gizmo in 2018
John and Gizmo in 2018

Joey and Les

Lorraine shares her Li-Ve Tas home in Lenah Valley with two housemates plus her budgie, Joey, and her canary. Lorraine adores all animals, but her love of birds came from her late dad. In fact, her dad gave Joey to Lorraine, and she named the canary Les, after her father.

Lorraine says she enjoys feeding her birds, keeping their cages clean and letting them out to fly around her room – she loves their chirping and singing.

Profile: Sox

I am about 6 years old. My human is Phillip Broad. I like being naughty.

I sometimes:

• smack the staff

• bite people

• throw papers off the table

• wait for humans to watch TV, then throw the aerial down.

I love sitting with my daddy – but I smack him too.