Back in the pool

Posted July 07, 2022

For housemates Brendan, Glen, Graeme and Laura, it’s great to be back in the pool after a two-year break.

The housemates all use wheelchairs for most of the day. Time in the pool means they can feel weightless and even ‘stand up’, with the help of their support team.

‘Seeing the guys smile and relax in the pool reminds me why the work we do is so important,’ says Mark, one of the team that supports Brendan, Glen, Graeme and Laura. ‘To keep them safe, a physiotherapist came along to make sure the guys had all the support equipment they needed when we first came back to the pool after the long break.’

Laura, who loved to go swimming in the ocean with her dad, enjoys diving underwater, floating on her back independently, and also supports herself on the side of the pool, with her support team close by in case she needs them.

For Graeme, pool time is a great chance to improve his hand function by grasping a ball the physio provided as well as getting upright.

‘Spending time in the pool is such an important goal for these guys,’ says Li-Ve Tas coordinator, James, who helped make the swimming sessions happen again. ‘The freedom the pool sessions gives them is something they don’t have at any other time of day. We’re delighted to be able to get this happening again after the long break. We have an excellent team supporting Brendan, Glen, Graeme and Laura to make this happen. I’m so proud of the work they do.’

Brendan floats vertically with support from Mark and Anmol
Laura supports herself at the pool edge