Ruben's scoring goals

Ruben and Bryan share a love of basketball

Posted June 28, 2021

Ruben Paul Bryan Thomson Di Palma

When he realised 18-year-old Ruben Paul loved basketball, Li-Ve Tasmania Disability Support Worker, Bryan Thomson-DiPalma knew just what to do.

‘I play for Bushrangers Basketball and I started taking Ruben along to our practice games – which he loved,’ says Bryan.

Once Bryan saw how enthusiastic Ruben was about the game, he contacted the Glenorchy Basketball Association and connected him to Stars Basketball, who are all about playing basketball and living with disability. Now Ruben plays on their team.

Ruben’s mum, Lisa says ‘Basketball is something Ruben loves – he really wanted to play. Without the support from Bryan, it may not have happened. Rubes absolutely loves being on the team!’

Geoff Tringrove, coach of the Stars, is impressed by how much confidence Ruben has gained and how much his skills have improved in the short time he’s been on the team.

‘I’m glad Ruben is loving the Stars and it’s great that he’s still a Bushranger at heart,’ says Bryan. ‘I was so impressed when during the recent Bushrangers exhibition game, Ruben scored a goal.’