Sewing up a storm

Colin and other 'Sew together' participants made their own cushions or bags

Posted June 28, 2021


A recent ‘Sew Together’ workshop run by Frangipani Fabrics at the Multicultural Hub in Moonah, Hobart, was a hit with the 16 participants and their support workers.

Donated sewing machines with start/stop buttons instead of foot pedals meant most participants could operate the machines themselves.

The workshop showed participants the joy of using a sewing machine. Each person took home either a pillowcase or bag they had made themselves.

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.

‘I’ll go again. Thanks,’ said Colin Kean, one of several blokes from The Cottage who took part in the workshop.

His cushion is proudly displayed on his couch at home.

Colin also gave a round of applause for everyone involved in organising the sewing workshop.

Staff from Frangipani Fabrics said they also had a great time. ‘It was fantastic to meet everyone and thanks so much to the amazing Li-Ve Tas support staff – some of whom even got a crash course in sewing!’