Big smiles all round

Meet Rebecca and her support worker Chey-Anne

Posted March 31, 2021

Meet Rebecca Triffett and her support worker Chey-Anne. Bec works four days a week at Blueline Laundry in Lenah Valley. After her shift, the two often go bush walking together or head off to the shops.

Chey-Anne says, ‘Bec’s an absolute crack-up and we just clicked together! She can bring a smile to anyone’s day. She’s happy-go-lucky, and willing to give anything a try.’

Bec recently achieved her goal to take the bus home from work independently. While they enjoy getting out and about together, Chey-Anne and Bec work together on improving on Bec’s money-handling skills and confidence.

‘We do lots of good things together,’ says Bec.

‘We have a lot of jokes in the car and we like to listen to music, like Miley Cyrus! I look forward to Chey-Anne meeting me after work – she’s made a really big difference in my life’

Bec and Chey Anne Montrose Foreshore