What Li-Ve Tas provides

Amanda's handy guide to how our supports fit your goals and NDIS plan

Posted April 01, 2021

Home and living

In your NDIS plan as SIL (Supported Independent Living) or SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)

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    Support at home

    Support in your private home or rental, or support in homes we manage. These include independent living units, shared houses and Oakdale Lodge.


    As needed

Core Supports

In your NDIS plan as Daily living and Community access

  • Dianne Cowen cooking daily living

    Daily living

    Support with personal care, preparing meals, housekeeping and home based activities.


    As needed

  • Andrew Mayo and Jackie Macpherson by Matt Faulkner instead of Patrick community access

    Community access

    Support to go out for coffee, attend an event, do an activity or take a day trip.


    As needed

  • 2020 Li Ve Tas The Zone D500 197

    The Zone

    Day support programs for young adults – in-centre support and outings in the community.


    9am to 3pm, or part days as needed

  • 2021 Live Tas thecottage D850 247 2

    The Cottage

    Day support programs for mature adults – in-centre support and outings in the community.


    9am to 3pm, or part days as needed

  • Live Driving Lesson 1 S9 A1784 Low RES


    Transport in your own vehicle or a staff vehicle to and from

    support sessions or during sessions.


    As needed

Capacity Building

In your NDIS plan as Development, life skills, training and travel independence

  • Live Driving Lesson 1 S9 A1610 skills and capacity building

    Skills and capacity building

    Support to develop new life skills and increase your independence. This can include things like learning to use public transport, set up a bank account, cook or shop for groceries.


    As needed

Other services Li-Ve Tas provides

  • Support coordination

    Your Support Coordinator will work with you to get the most out of your NDIS plan support options. They can suggest services at Li-Ve Tasmania and/or with other providers. They can also help you prepare for NDIS plan reviews.