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Our Strategy
Our Strategy

The strategic planning process

In 2016, the Board set the three-year strategic agenda and a suite of milestones (or priorities) for the merged Liviende and Veranto organisation.

However, rapid and significant change continues to characterise Li-Ve Tasmania’s external environment alongside internal, organisational change and development. So, realising that ‘What got us here won’t get us there,’ the Board and senior leadership team undertook a strategic planning session in March 2017 to:

  • highlight and acknowledge progress against the strategic plan and the priorities (milestones) for the previous 12 months
  • acknowledge key developments in the sector and the continuing impact of NDIS – and the major implications for Li-Ve Tasmania in both the short and longer term
  • develop a set of strategic guidelines and principles to inform direction and decisions while navigating the next few years
  • define a short list of milestones for 2017–18, in light of the above
  • provide incoming Board members with the opportunity to contribute to and engage with our evolving strategic framework
  • reflect on, and reinforce desired Board operation in providing strategic leadership and direction to Li-Ve Tasmania.

The senior leadership team has been working to the plan and reporting to the Board regularly on progress against priorities and objectives.

For details about our strategic plan progress last financial year, see page 20 of our 2016–17 Annual report.

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