Privacy policy

This policy recognises that every person using our services has the right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality and services will be delivered in a way that upholds and promotes these rights.

This policy guides staff and volunteers in their actions and attitudes and further recognises that the organisation is bound by the Disability Services Act (2011) the Privacy Amendment (Private sector) Act, the Privacy Act (1988) and the National Privacy Principles. It meets our obligations under the Privacy Act and informs interested parties about our practices in relation to the handling of personal information and provides a mechanism for complaints about breaches of this policy.

This policy guides Li-Ve Tasmania’s staff and volunteers in their actions and attitudes towards respecting the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of people using the service.

Li-Ve Tasmania does not disclose personal information about the people it supports or staff without their informed consent.

Protection of privacy of information for staff and the people we support underpins the integrity of delivering our quality person centred support service.

Breach of policy

Employees, volunteers, consultants and subcontractors must comply with the requirements of this policy during the course of their employment/engagement with Li-Ve Tasmania and do not engage in any conduct which could put the organisation in breach of this policy.

If a staff member is unsure whether the information they are handling is private or confidential they should consult their Team Leader/Coordinator or the Manager, Employee Experience.

Staff members and volunteers must display appropriate levels of professional respect and sensitivity for the confidentiality, privacy and dignity of the people they support. This includes the sharing of information with other staff on a need-to-know basis only.

People receiving a service from us have the right to enjoy a private life, free from unnecessary staff involvement and are provided with appropriate support to conduct their personal relationships in ways that promote privacy and dignity.

The informed decision of an adult not to have their family advised of particular information is respected.

Participant privacy statement

Information we collect

At Li-Ve Tasmania, we collect information about participants so that we can deliver the support services they need. We may use the information to plan, review or arrange funding with them.

Some of the information we collect is personal and sensitive.

Participants usually provide this information to discuss with us. Sometimes, family members, authorised representatives and others (such as medical providers) provide it.

Protecting participant privacy

Legally, we must keep our participants’ personal and sensitive information confidential.

We store most participant information electronically. We protect it with passwords and limit who can access it. We keep paper records in locked storage.

We only give our staff participant information they need to do their job.

Sharing information

We don’t share personal and sensitive information outside Li-Ve Tasmania unless:

  • the participant has given informed consent
  • the law says we have to
  • the Privacy Act says we can.

To meet other responsibilities, such as reporting to funding bodies, we remove identifying details to keep participant information private.

Our staff obligations

When our staff start work at Li-Ve Tasmania, they agree to abide by our Privacy and Confidentiality commitment.

This means Li-Ve Tasmania staff always respect participant privacy, both at work and outside work. It also means we respect any adult participant’s informed decision not to share particular information with family members.


Participants can access their own information at any time, by contacting our Privacy Officer.

We will change or correct information if a participant asks us to.


If Li-Ve Tasmania loses or releases a participant’s personal information without their permission, legally, we must tell both the:

  • participant
  • Privacy Commissioner of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

We will refer to the Privacy Commission in instances of serious harm.

Complaints about how we handle information

Participants can contact our Privacy Officer with any concerns about how we handle personal information.

By telling us the following, we can investigate:

  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • the effect it had
  • how we can resolve the issue.

We take privacy seriously and will investigate and respond to complaints within 21 days.

You can contact the Privacy Officer by:

If the participant is not satisfied with our response, they can lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) on 1300 363 992.

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